Friday 30th June 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Sponsored walk day!!

Important information regarding college trips:

Please can parents adhere to deadlines for return of permission slips and any payments for school trips? Both payment and permission slips should be received by the deadline on the letter in order to book a place. If there is a problem with either making the payment or permission - please contact Student Services immediately - do not leave it until the deadline date. School trips have to be self-supporting and if insufficient contributions are forthcoming the trip will be cancelled.

It has come to my attention that a popular app, that a majority of students I'm sure have, has had a slightly worrying update. 'Snap Chat' now enables you to post snaps publicly on something called 'Our Story'. It can pin point you on a map as to where you posted it from, as close to which house you are in. There is the option to have it on Ghost mode of which only you can see where you are but if it is not on that mode anyone in the world could see them and know exactly where they are. Also it gives snap chat the rights to that footage or any photos taken. Please can you ensure that your son/daughter has the appropriate privacy settings in place?

Jan Turner

Highlights for next week
Year 9 GL Assessments
4/7 Sports Day
5/7 Year 9 Drama Trip
6/7 Success Assembly
6/7 Year Prom
6/7 The Tempest rehearsals
7/7 Physics Olympiad
7/7 Rutland Racing Team Competition
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