Friday 23rd June 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

In the light of events that have taken place around the country in recent times it is recommended good practice for all schools to have a Lockdown Policy and Procedure'. Therefore we are in the process of developing this to work alongside our Fire Evacuation Policy and Procedure.  We are implementing this policy to ensure that in the event that students and staff are faced with hazards in the school grounds or outside the school, students and staff may then be locked within buildings for their own safety. This policy applies to employees, volunteers, parents, carers, students, and people visiting the school site.

We are having a basic run through on Wednesday next week just so the students are aware of what the alert sound will be and learn the rules of what they should do in that situation. I will fully explain the reasons for doing this in a very sensitive but practical manner before the run through. I would be grateful if you could also explain to the students why such practices are important, in exactly the same way that fire drills are important. It is not something to be scared of but a sensible way to be prepared.  Thank you for your support.

Uniform:  I have relaxed the uniform rules this week due to the very hot weather but can you ensure that everyone is back in full uniform on Monday.

I am delighted to announce that the college has been awarded the School Games Mark Bronze Award for outstanding provision in sport and physical activity. Very well done to all involved. 

Finally – BIG SPONSORED WALK! Can I please ask you to encourage your sons/daughters for a final push on sponsorship. Full details of the walk are from Mr Anderson  on the attached letter.

Jan Turner


Highlights for next week
26/6 Final GCSE exam
27/6 ABRSM music exams
27/6 Year 6 Induction Day & new Parents Evening
28/6 Year 7 reports home
28/6 Berlin trip meeting 5.30pm
29/6 Theme day trips


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