Friday 26th May 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope by now you have received the Sponsored Walk information and sponsor sheets via your son/daughter.  If not then please check the website for all the details. We really need your support for this very ambitious event as it will achieve so much for the college.   £50,000 in 5 hours would be raised if everyone in the college can get 10 people to sponsor them £5 each. It is surely achievable if we all do what we can.
A FAQ sheet accompanies this email so please take a moment to read it through.


We have a number of school bags and PE kit bags that have not been collected for the whole termand they have been on display all week in a separate pile from those bags etc that were collected last Friday.  Students have been informed of this every day.  It will be assumed that anything not collected is no longer wanted and therefore will be disposed of during half term.

Please remember that we need a medical note for an absence immediately prior to or after a holiday. As you will be aware government regulations regarding school attendance are much more stringent and we have to follow up any absence extremely thoroughly, requesting medical information to be supplied in circumstances which previously would have only required a parental ‘note’. I am afraid that this may, occasionally, seem to be overly bureaucratic but we are bound by statutory duties.

I wish you all a very enjoyable ….and sunny …. half term.

Jan Turner

  1. UCC Sponsored Walk FAQs