Friday 10th March 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,


You may already be aware that in terms of education funding per head Rutland is the ninth worst funded authority in the country and we are facing the biggest real terms cut in a generation. On average, children in Rutland are funded at around £400 less per head than the national average, which in a secondary school of 900 is over £320,000 per year.  However, it was anticipated that the new ‘fairer funding’ proposals would correct this unfairness and put us more in line with the national average. This is not the case! Under the new proposals Rutland secondary schools actually face an average 2.5% cut per pupil funding. This means that there will be significantly less money available in the schools to spend on teachers, resources and equipment and will seriously impact on how we deliver the curriculum, class sizes and student support.


You will have read in the national press that other schools around the country already have to consider drastic measures such as a 4 day week, cutting GCSE courses or team teaching class sizes of 60+. Fortunately we are not in that position but the prospects are not very rosy. The money pledged for the building of new free schools and grammar schools is coming from the schools budgets in counties like Rutland and from the money that should be educating your child in your local school.


I would urge you to lobby your MP, local councillors and anyone else you know who could emphasise the unfairness of the proposed formula and constraints the current funding situation puts on the effective education of our students.


We are finding that some students are calling home directly from their phones if they are feeling unwell and asking to be collected. They have not informed any of the staff in school and we are then completely unaware of the situation when a parent arrives to collect their son or daughter. Please can you emphasise to your child that if they are unwell they must go to the medical room and the Student Services staff will call parents if it is appropriate and will liaise with them as to the best course of action.. 


Jan Turner