Principal's Weekly Bulletin

Dear parents and carers

Last night we hosted Year 8 parents’ evening and I was pleased with the turnout. We have consistently achieved over 80% attendance from families at these events this year and I hope we can nudge this figure up beyond 90% during the next academic year. I tried to speak to as many families as possible on their way in and out of the sports hall last night to see how the evening was for them and I was really pleased with the positive feedback. In particular, I received many comments that praised UCC staff for really knowing their child as an individual and genuinely caring about them. I was also happy to hear that our conversations were very focussed on learning and what students need to do in each subject to make progress.

This week we have interviewed candidates for teaching positions in English, Maths and Science, to begin in August 2018. We have involved students throughout the processes of assessing the candidates and it has been wonderful to see how they have responded. The students involved have represented our school magnificently and without fail every single candidate has praised them for their mature, polite and respectful approach. I will be able to provide an update on the outcome of these interviews in my message to you next week – a huge thank you to our amazing students!

I hope you have a great weekend.

Mr Solly