Year 11 GCSE Subject Tips


  • Students receive a practice maths paper to complete as part of their homework / revision each week.  The papers are due to be handed in every Friday.  This is not designed to be a "test", it should instead be used as a revision resource, exposing the students to lots of exam style questions and enabling them to identify areas that they need to revise.  In order to answer the questions fully the students are expected to use a variety of resources including their revision guide,, BBC Bitesize etc.  This is not cheating - it is revising!
  • At least one maths teacher will be available each lunchtime should a student have any practice paper related queries.
  • Teachers will still be setting other homework tasks alongside the practice papers in order to consolidate understanding of topic areas.


  • Students should re-read the set Literature texts of Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and the Poetry cluster at least once and ideally twice. When re-reading texts they should also refer to their class notes and/or revision guides to deepen their understanding.
  • Practice papers have been uploaded to Show My Homework and students will be expected to work through these as part of their revision and hand in to their teacher to mark.


  • Speaking exams will be on 16 April for Spanish and German students, 20th April for French but 27 April for those students studying 2 languages.
  • Students should be regularly practising their speaking questions in preparation for this, especially ones related to their chosen theme.

Food & Nutrition:

  • Students must ensure they meet the final deadline of Thursday 15th March for both NEA1 and NEA2.
  • Preparatory learning will be uploaded on SMHW for all lessons after the deadline; students are advised to spend homework time looking at the material. All students are expected to attend the revision sessions closer to the final exam.

Design & Technology - Product Design.

  • Students must ensure that they meet the final deadline for the controlled assessment on 22nd March (Coursework folder of 20 pages and a complete final outcome). Their final outcome must show a high level of making, finishing skills and accuracy. 
  • Practice papers will be uploaded on SMHW and students are advised to complete at least three papers as revision practice. All students are expected to attend the revision sessions closer to the final exam.


  • Students must complete all their exam preparation work in anticipation of start of the exam on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Exam resources, a copy of their Scheme of Work and Deadlines can all be found on SMHW.
  • All students are welcome to attend Art club which runs every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime to gain extra support and have access to materials. Students who have not yet reached their target will be required to attend at least one session a week to complete personalised tasks; so that they can improve their coursework grade.

Business Studies

  • Students should now be revising all the Year 10 topics (Unit 1) and will need to revise the Year 11 topics (Unit 2) for their mock exam before Easter. 
  • The revision guides for GCSE Business and many more revision resources are available on the business Shared Area through RM Portico.  There are also revision videos on my YouTube channel "Joanne Hirst".  Students should go through to the playlists called AQA Unit 1 or AQA Unit 2 to find the relevant topics.