Internet Safety Event

Rutland County Council Early Help Team and Community Safety are keen to ensure the happiness and safety of your children and this includes on the internet.

 A lot children and young people today are engaged with technology in a wide variety of ways. As well as using the internet for education, they also play games, socialise and invest a lot of their personality in the social and ever changing place that is the online world.

In order to help parents understand ways in which they can provide support at home, we will be running an Internet Safety event on 8th of February at the Rutland County Museum.

This event will be an engaging session run by Rutland County Council supported by an expert from UK Safer Internet Centre.

What are Snapchat, Instagram, Omegele and Vine? What are the pluses and minuses? What about Apps? Do you need to monitor them? Is filtering or monitoring what children do always a good idea? At what age do you buy them a mobile phone? These are amongst some of the questions raised by parents and answered by our experts at this event.

Come and find out why dialogue is such a powerful tool. How filtering may work, how research is showing changes in use and types of use of technology by children. Discover easy to use built in tools like age and time restrictors in gaming platforms like your Xbox. How to apply Google filters on Google images, filters on YouTube and other practical quick tips. You protect your child in the offline world - now we can help you do the same online!   

Rutland County Council

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