Year 11 Maths Raffle!

Every week, for the last term our Year 11 GCSE students have been doing past GCSE Maths papers in preparation for their exams in May.  
Every student who has shown significant effort with their work on the papers throughout the term, has been issued with a raffle ticket as a reward. There was no limit on tickets handed out, and students could earn as many as possible with as much effort that they were willing to put in!

On the last day of the Spring Term, all  of the GCSE students were gathered together to draw the big 'Maths Raffle!'.
Mrs Turner drew 8 winning tickets, where students won a mixture of easter eggs, chocolate and Maths stationary kits!
The 'Maths Raffle' is held at the end of every term, and intends to encourage the students to work hard and they will be rewarded! Well done to all students who received raffle tickets and well done to the prize winners!

Below are a few images from the raffle. Good luck to the Year 11's with the start of their GCSE exams next month!