UCC "2020 Vision" Open Forum Evening

As you may already know, UCC intends to build a new Sports Hall & Amenities Block to provide enormous benefits for all students.

We aim to raise £1.4 million in the next two years to build this outstanding new facility in advance of the College's centenary celebrations in 2020. To succeed we need your help.

We require a new, dedicated indoor sports hall, because the current space is not available for large blocks of time and does not meet current specifications for many indoor sports and games.
The new facilities will be available outside of college hours for students and the wider community. 

To build the new Sports Hall we need to raise the majority of the £1.4 million, as there is no government funding available.
To kickstart the UCC Sports Hall & Amenities Block fund, the College envisages contributing up to £200,000 - but we also need the help of our many friends and supporters.

We ask if you would like to make a voluntary donation to the campaign fund.

On Thursday 10th November, there will be an informal opportunity for you to meet with us, ask questions and see some illustrations of the project. The 'Open Forum Evening' is at Uppingham's Falcon Hotel. Please come along anytime between 6 and 9pm. Refreshments will be provided.

We hope to see you there!