Children in Need Notice

Many of you will no doubt be aware that Friday 13th November 2015 is Children in Need Day. This event is supported by the College as we feel that it is important for young people to reflect on the needs of others and to participate in the national fund-raising effort.

This year as usual our involvement will take the form of a non-uniform day and we hope that students will wish to make a donation of £1 (or more!) and support those making an extra effort to raise further funds. If students wish to come in fancy dress a donation of 50p is required. All sponsored events must have an official sponsor form. Therefore students may need to bring some cash into College on that day to support the fundraising activities.

As always, we need to strike a balance between involvement in fundraising and the normal lessons which will still take place on the day. We would therefore ask for parental support in ensuring that students use their common sense and avoid extremes of dress, hair colour and face decoration which would be inappropriate for a college environment. It is still a school day and lessons do continue as normal.

As in previous years, we look forward to an enjoyable day which successfully combines lessons, fundraising and enjoyment!

Thank you.