The plans for the opening of Harington School in September 2015 are well on track and it is now time for the school to formalise the legal terms and conditions.

Before opening any new school, an academy trust must formally request the views of the local community. Harington school’s consultation process will take place until 31 January 2015 and local schools and parents are now invited to a meeting to hear more about the school and offer their views. The meetings will be held at Catmose College on 21 January at 6pm and at Uppingham Community College on 22 January at 6pm. As well as giving their views at these events it is also possible to complete the consultation questionnaire online at http://www.haringtonschool.com/376-2/ or download the leaflet from the link below.

Dr Rob Guthrie, the Chairman of the School’s Trustees said “It is such a shame that so many students, after achieving such an excellent education to age 16 within the county, currently feel the need to travel large distances outside Rutland to further their academic ambitions. Harington is determined to address this issue and make this exodus a thing of the past. I am confident this consultation will confirm the community’s support for this School.”

Harington School is committed to offering an academic curriculum complemented by a wide variety of extra-curricular and personal development opportunities which will provide a platform for entry to the most prestigious Universities. Students will be encouraged within a well disciplined caring community to develop as confident, self-motivated and independent young adults with high expectations of themselves.

The school is now accepting applications from students who are currently in Year 11; to apply, students need to complete the application form which can be found on www.haringtonschool.com. The early positive response indicates that the School is likely to be oversubscribed for places, therefore it is worth interested parties reading the Admissions Policy to understand how places are allocated; this can also be found on the Harington website.

For more information, contact: Claire Miles on 01572 770066 admin@haringtonschool.com 

  1. Harington Consultation Leaflet