The KoduKup

 Recently our students were invited to Reading (Microsoft HQ) for the Kodu Kup finals. Their game was picked as one of the top 4 games in the Secondary School Category.  They produced a game using the software Kodu.  Their game was based on portals and it allowed you to navigate and get to different levels.  The students were Joseph Banerjee (7NH) Jonathan Haley (7NH) and Alfie Finch-Critchley (8TB).  Making the game was only half the challenge.  Upon arriving at the event, they had to present their game to top game designers and experts in computing.  Our students created a very professional presentation about their game.  It included game play, instructions, audience and they even performed a theme tune with the guitar.  They made some merchandise which would turn their game into a national franchise.  You can see them sporting some of it in the picture.  Their game was so successful that they won the Secondary School Category.  After this the judges had to decide on the overall winner.  We're pleased to announce that they won the overall prize and they are the UK Kodu Kup Champions!  They will now have to represent the UK at the European event held in Belgium in October.

Their IT Teacher, Mr Chambers says, "I am very proud of all of the hard work they have put in, they were back after school every night preparing and they were so professional and humble about the whole experience.  Congratulations."