Law School

A group of Gifted and Talented students from Uppingham Community College spent part of their Easter holiday taking part in the Law School experinece at De Montfort University.  The students were given the chance to  gain a range of new experiences including:

- A mock trial in the university’s law court

- Access to the law library

- An insight into law-making

The Law School ran from 9:30am - 4:00pm each day and at  the end of the week they put on a mock trial for family and friends after a celebratory lunch!

"The Law School at De Montfort University was a gifted and talented week long course run aiming to show year 10s from schools in and around Leicester what law is really about.  We spent a week of our Easter holidays doing different, fun, law related activities.  Four people from our school took part in this experience including myself, Alex Thompson, Eliana Lambert and Billy Henshaw.  At the end of the week there was a mock trial where we got to experience in action what would take place in a real criminal court trial.  We all had our own specific roles.  Eliana was the defendant, Alex the clerk, Billy was part of the jury and I was part of the defence team.  It was such an invaluable experience and opportunity which everyone especially the students from UCC enjoyed.  This exposure to the law profession has definitely changed the ambitions of some of us." by  Karalaina Kataiwai