In Event of Bad Weather...

As we know, snow and bad weather can disrupt our work at the college. Therefore, in the spirit of being prepared, this letter outlines guidelines which we can all use in the event of inclement weather.
Students who normally travel to the college by bus or coach should not attempt to come in if their bus or coach does not turn up because of very bad weather. If a bus doesn’t pick up in the morning, it should be assumed that they won’t in the afternoon. We would suggest that students wait no longer than 15 minutes after the published pick-up time before returning home.
We cannot assume that it is due to a bus not running or bad weather conditions that your child is not in college. Please ensure you contact us to let us know if your child will not be coming in as you would normally do for an absence. If we do not hear from you an absence text will be sent home to notify you that your child is not here.
Parents would be unwise to try to get their children to college if a bus does not turn up. Whilst this may be possible at the time, particularly for those with 4 wheel drive vehicles, it may present real problems later in the day when students attempt to return home.
The college will be open unless it is announced that it is closed on Rutland Radio, Leicester Sound, Radio Leicester and Hereward Radio. It should be noted by parents that if the college provides a limited day during bad weather it may be impossible to provide normal lessons. This is due to the fact that many staff will also have problems reaching the college. Equally the college cannot guarantee a full day - deteriorating weather conditions may necessitate an early closure.
In outlying areas you may feel it necessary to collect your child early. It is your decision to do so and you should contact the college in advance of your request.
In addition, whenever possible, information about closure and updates will be on the college website:
A SchoolComms text message will also be sent whenever possible.
If the college has to be closed, buses will be summoned early. Parents will need to make contingency arrangements in the event of their son/daughter arriving home earlier than expected if an emergency arises. Those students who do not have a 'safe haven' to go to should advise their form tutor or another member of staff immediately and they will remain at the college until suitable and safe arrangements can be made to get them home. Parents who have specific requests regarding students being sent home must make prior arrangements with the college. Please contact Student Services immediately to discuss details.
External users can assume that when the college closes during the day for school students it will also be closed for adults (day and evening).
Further information can be obtained from:
BBC Radio Leicester: Broadcasts on 104-9 FM
Main Broadcast between 0700 and 0900 and other times as the situation demands.
Leicester Sound: Broadcasts on 105.4 FM
Rutland Radio: Broadcasts on 107.2 FM in Rutland / 97.4 FM in Stamford
Hereward Radio: Broadcasts on 102.7 FM
Gem Radio: Broadcasts on 106 FM