2008-2013 Presentation Evening

We held an extremely successful Presentation Evening on Friday 22nd November for the students who took their GCSE exams in the summer. It was an excellent evening celebrating some significant successes as this year group achieved the best results for the college thus far.

Our guest of honour was William Sharman, an International Hurdler, who gave an inspiring speech and was a very popular role model for the students. We were delighted that so many supportive parents also attended, as well local dignitaries including the High Sheriff and the Lord Lieutenant, who kindly donated a new cup for the awards.



Edward Bell

The Governors Award for Year Involvement

Madeleine Bishop

Academic Award

Robert Boulter

Miller Award for Technology

Ella Brahmachari

Sally Reddin Award for Contribution to Sport

Arabella Chapman

College Award for Food Technology

Nicola Chattaway

Farm Protection Award for German

Jadene Clegg

Thomas Lem Award for Citizenship

Matthew Cocking

Holmes Award for Outstanding Attainment

Matthew Cocking

Rutland Lions Award for Mathematics & Science

Iona Collins

De Voyle Award for Graphics

Max Collins

Campbell Sumner Award for Determination and Commitment to Progress

Joseph Cunningham

Heathcote Award for Geography

Fiona Ginn

Field Award for Contribution to Sport

Lucy Ginn

College Award for Spanish

Rebecca Glover

Inner Wheel Award for Outstanding Attainment

Rebecca Glover

Simpson Award for French

Charlotte Gregory

Academic Award

Katherine Grunwald

Matthews Cup & Rotary Award for Contribution to College Life

Miranda Harrison

Academic Award

Harry Hathaway

Wilks Award for Achievement in Sport

Alexander Haynes

William Trower Award for Sport

Jessica Hayward

Academic Award

Ellen Hemmings

College Award for Child Development

Gemma Hill

Swinfen Award for Science

Gemma Hill

The Talbot Smith Award for Music

Megan Horton-Bell

Academic Award

Lydia Katsipi

Academic Award

Calypso Keightley

Jennings Award for Fine Art

Calypso Keightley

Miss E G Brown Award for English

Tani Lanur

Boyse Award for Design & Craft

Anya Loomes

The Rutland Ladies Circle Award for Contribution to the Year

Adam MacDonald

Smith Award for Special Progress

Christopher Male

Lord Lieutenant's Award for Endeavour

Declan Moran

Wignell Award for Drama

Louisa Newell

College Award for Biology

Amber O'Berg

Miss C E Joyce Award for Textiles

Oakley Palmer

Stewart Award for Ceramics

Harry Preston

The Governors Award for Year Involvement

Martha Rhodes

Academic Award

Gareth Sterry

Breeze Award for History

Jake Villette

Whight Award for ICT

Daniel Webster

Richard Baker Award for Performing Arts

Freyja Wedderkop

Academic Award

Thomas Wharton

Bright Award for Sport

Elise Whearity

Wilks Award for Achievement in Sport

Sophie Wilks

Matthews Cup & Rotary Award for Contribution to College Life

Toby Williams

Academic Award

Danielle Wright

College Award for RE

George Wright

Bailey Award for Mathematics

George Wright

College Award for Physics

Matthew Wymant

Wise Award for ICT